Book Review: The Art of Learning - Josh Waltzkin


Josh was a Chess grandmaster who becomes a Tai Chi master. The book shares his thoughts on how to learn. Much common ground with Carol Dweck - fixed, natural talent (unalterable) vs growth (worked hard at it)


  • Excellence comes from organic long-term learning process
  • Nothing learned from challenges where we don’t try our hardest.
  • Growth comes at the point of resistance. We learn by pushing ourselves and finding limit of our abilities.
  • The importance of regaining presence after making a serious error. Minimize repetition of errors as much as possible by having an eye for consistent themes of errors.
  • What separates the great from the very good is presence, relaxation of the conscious mind, the ability to be clearheaded, present, cool under fire
  • Study positions of reduced complexity.
  • Apply internalized principles to increasingly complex situations.
  • Take a single technique or idea and practice it.
  • Focus on a select group of techniques and internalize them