After crossing the causeway, the route continues along the main road through Lionacleit, before heading off to the west coast of the island for a stretch along sand dunes. You’re then onto a minor road and then the main road into Balivanich, which has a slightly eastern bloc 1960s feel to much of the housing, but has a supermarket and bank. Fairly easy navigation & good underfoot conditions in comparison with most of the route, but not especially picturesque.

After Balivanich though, the path takes a sharp turn to the east and you head up the not particularly high Ruabhal, with some of the best views of the entire path. Views which my phone camera really fails to do justice to - hills, islands, lochs and sea in all directions. Descending Ruabhal in the direction of the causeway was a matter of picking a way through the bog, with not much in the way of signs to guide the way.

A view of the cairn and OS trig point on Ruabhal.

And the hills and water in one direction, from the top.

A rainbow over Ruabhal.

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